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Aula 1 Nueva Edicion PDF: Learn Spanish with a Free Sample of this Amazing Course Book

This is the revised edition of one of our best-selling Spanish courses. The student's book, the exercises and the grammar résumé are still included in one volume, making it easy to use, the new design is attractive and the contents have been updated. The book is well structured and clearly laid out in sections, as follows: COMPRENDER, EXPLORAR Y REFLEXIONAR, PRACTICAR Y COMUNICAR y VIAJAR. There are also some interesting final tasks for students to carry out. More exercises have been added to make this course complete and the focus remains on a task-based approach. ***For level 1, the audio transcripts are located at the back of the book (after the verb tables and before the glossary). For levels 2, 3 and 4, the transcripts can be downloaded for free in PDF format via the publisher's online platform ( ). After clicking on this link, it is possible to set up a free account by clicking on the 'Crear una cuenta nueva' tab. Once an account has been created, in the 'Inicio' ('Home') screen, students should then click on 'Nuestros libros y recursos' and then on the book in question. They then need to click on the 'Otros recursos' link. Upon doing so, students will be able to access and download the files corresponding to the 'Transcripciones', 'Soluciones' and 'Glosarios' sections in the student's books.*** ***N.B. The teacher's guides for levels 1-4 can no longer be ordered in hard copy format. Instead, teachers can download the guides in PDF format for free via the Campus platform ( ) by carrying out the following steps: 1. On the 'Home' screen, select 'Profesor' as the user, then click on the 'Crear una cuenta gratuita' tab. 2. Once an account has been created, on the 'Inicio' ('Home') screen, click on 'Nuestros libros y recursos'. Then select 'Aula Internacional - Nueva edición' and click on the required level. 3. Select 'Recursos', then click the sub-heading 'Recursos del profesor'. Download the files

aula 1 nueva edicion pdf download


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