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Cockroaches are primarily nocturnal. Daytime sightings may indicate potentially heavy infestations. They tend to hide in cracks and crevices and can move freely from room to room or adjoining housing units via wall spaces, plumbing, and other utility installations. Entry into homes is often accomplished through food and beverage boxes, grocery sacks, animal food, and household goods carried into the home. The species of public health interest that commonly inhabit human dwellings (Figures 4.8, 4.9, 4.10, 4.11, 4.12, 4.13) include the following: German cockroach ( Blattella germanica); American cockroach ( Periplaneta americana); Oriental cockroach ( Blatta orientalis); brown-banded cockroach ( Supella longipalpa); Australian cockroach ( Periplaneta australasiae); smoky-brown cockroach ( Periplaneta fuliginosa); and brown cockroach ( Periplaneta brunnea).

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The blowfly is a fairly large, metallic green, gray, blue, bronze, or black fly. They may spend the winter in homes or other protected sites, but will not reproduce during this time. Blowflies breed most commonly on decayed carcasses (e.g., dead squirrels, rodents, birds) and in droppings of dogs or other pets during the summer; thus, removal of these sources is imperative. Small animals, on occasion, may die inside walls or under the crawl space of a house. A week or two later, blowflies or maggots may appear. The adult blowfly is also attracted to gas leaks.

TermitesAccording to Gold et al. [11], subterranean termites are the most destructive insect pests of wood in the United States, causing more than $2 billion in damage each year. Annually, this is more property damage than that caused by fire and windstorms combined. In the natural world, these insects are beneficial because they break down dead trees and other wood materials that would otherwise accumulate. This biomass breakdown is recycled to the soil as humus. MPMH [2], on the other hand, notes that these insects can damage a building so severely it may have to be replaced. Termites consume wood and other cellulose products, such as paper, cardboard, and fiberboard. They will also destroy structural timbers, pallets, crates, furniture, and other wood products. In addition, they will damage many materials they do not normally eat as they search for food. The tunneling efforts of subterranean termites can penetrate lead- and plastic-covered electric cable and cause electrical system failure. In nature, termites may live for years in tree stumps or lumber beneath concrete buildings before they penetrate hairline cracks in floors and walls, as well as expansion joints, to search for food in areas such as interior door frames and immobile furniture. Termite management costs to homeowners are exceeded only by cockroach control costs.

Additional measures include construction techniques that discourage termite attacks, as demonstrated in Figure 4.24. Termites often invade homes by way of the foundation, either by crawling up the exterior surface where their activity is usually obvious or by traveling inside hollow block masonry. One way to deter their activity is to block their access points on or through the foundation. Metal termite shields have been used for decades to deter termite movement along foundation walls and piers on up to the wooden structure. Metal termite shields should extend 2 inches from the foundation and 2 inches down. Improperly installed (i.e., not soldered/sealed properly), damaged, or deteriorated termite shields may allow termites to reach parts of the wooden floor system. Shields should be made of noncorroding metal and have no cracks or gaps along the seams. If a house is being built with metal termite shielding, the shielding should extend at least 2 inches out and 2 inches down at a 45 angle from the foundation wall. An alternative to using termite shields on a hollow-block foundation is to fill the block with concrete or put in a few courses of solid or concrete-filled brick (which is often done anyway to level foundations). These are referred to as masonry caps. The same approach can be used with support piers in the crawl space. Solid caps (i.e., a continuously poured concrete cap) are best at stopping termites, but are not commonly used. Concrete-filled brick caps should deter termite movement or force them through small gaps, thus allowing them to be spotted during an inspection [21].

While walking down the Imaging Diagnostics hallway, a heavy banging sound is heard. When Isaac turns the corner, he can see that the source of the sound is a man smashing his head repeatedly against the wall, with blood spattering out from each hit. He is also heavily mutilated, lacking any flesh on the front of his torso, and has no organs present in his abdomen. His ribs are clearly visible, he is missing sections of flesh and skin all over his body, and is drenched in his own blood as though he had endured a Necromorph attack. He makes no reaction to Isaac's presence, and Isaac will refuse shooting him directly, but is possible arching a secondary shot from the force gun to land on his head or deploying a timed bomb right next to him with the line gun, none of these actions however can damage nor stop him. When Isaac goes near the man, he rears his head back and violently brings it into the wall a final time, his skull cracking as he slides down to the ground, dead.

Before going into Dr. Mercer's office, Isaac can see a woman standing at the end of the hallway next to a surgical bed to the right. She is staring at a dead body on the ground and is laughing/crying hysterically, which is on an eternal loop, does not react to Isaac's presence in any way and is invulnerable. She dies when Dr. Challus Mercer vents the air throughout the deck into space; while Isaac does not see her die, he can verify that her body is there, if he has the luxury to waste oxygen for that purpose.

After leaving the room with the shooting range on the USM Valor, Isaac discovers a space marine, sitting on the ground and holding up his severed leg. He grunts in pain a few times, and then falls backwards, dead.

Odin gives Atreus a sentient sword named Ingrid once he enters the room. He then proceeds to lead Atreus into The Rift, a mine-like area, where he shows him a crack in space and time that he believes to be the source of all knowledge. Once the cutscene ends, the next chapter of God of War Ragnarok begins.


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