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Where To Buy Kindle In Store

In our research, we called the toll-free numbers for the following stores that sell Kindles in the US and checked their websites. While selection varied between each, they offered a mix of bothKindle Fire and Kindle e-Reader options.

where to buy kindle in store


P.S. Unless access to the Amazon store's vast trove of media is the most important factor to you, there are a number of alternative options you might find both at local retailers and online. Our e-reader reviews and tablet reviews cover the best releases from a range of manufacturers to help you find the ideal option for your reading habits, budget, and buying preferences.

Miller Kern is the Assistant Reviews Editor at Mashable, where she's been covering products and shopping since 2019. If there's a hot new product or a trend going viral on TikTok, Miller's ready to put it through the wringer to see if it's worth the hype. 041b061a72


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