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Ponnar Meniyane Lyrics In Tamil Pdf 13

Ponnar Meniyane Lyrics In Tamil Pdf 13

Ponnar Meniyane is a devotional song composed by Sundarar, one of the four great Shaivite saints of Tamil Nadu. The song is part of the seventh Thirumurai, a collection of hymns in praise of Lord Shiva. The song expresses Sundarar's love and devotion for Shiva, who is described as the one with golden body, pearl necklace, crescent moon, and ruby eyes. The song also narrates how Sundarar was blessed by Shiva's grace and attained his feet.

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If you want to listen to this song or learn its meaning and history, you can download the Ponnar Meniyane Lyrics in Tamil PDF 13 file from this link. The PDF file contains the lyrics in Tamil script, transliteration, and translation. It also has some notes and explanations about the song's context and significance.

The Meaning of Ponnar Meniyane

The title of the song, Ponnar Meniyane, means "the one with golden body". This is a reference to Shiva's radiant form, which is said to be brighter than the sun. The song consists of ten verses, each ending with the refrain "I cannot think of anyone else but you". The verses describe various aspects of Shiva's beauty, power, and compassion. Here are some of the meanings of the verses:

  • The first verse praises Shiva as the one who wears a tiger skin and a garland of skulls, who shines on the top of Mount Kailash, and who has a beautiful smile. Sundarar says that he came to Shiva's feet after worshipping him with flowers.

  • The second verse calls Shiva as his lord and his consort, who saved him from his previous birth as a slave. Sundarar says that he suffered in this birth due to his karma, but Shiva showed him mercy and gave him liberation.

  • The third verse thanks Shiva for accepting him as his devotee, even though he was unworthy and sinful. Sundarar says that he offered himself to Shiva with devotion and renounced his attachments.

  • The fourth verse glorifies Shiva as the lord of the seven worlds, who has the power to create, sustain, and destroy. Sundarar says that Shiva is the supreme light that illuminates everything.

  • The fifth verse describes how Sundarar met Shiva in person, when he came to his town with his consort Parvati. Sundarar says that he was overjoyed to see Shiva and Parvati, who are like his parents.

  • The sixth verse admires Shiva as the one who wears a snake around his neck, who has a red dot on his forehead, and who is the master of all arts. Sundarar says that he is amazed by Shiva's grace and wonders why he chose him as his devotee.

  • The seventh verse acknowledges Shiva as the one who has no beginning or end, who is beyond all qualities and forms, and who is the source of all bliss. Sundarar says that he cannot comprehend Shiva's greatness and mystery.

  • The eighth verse celebrates Shiva as the one who showers rain on the earth, who is present in all living beings, and who is the most precious gem among all jewels. Sundarar says that he is delighted by Shiva's presence and love.

  • The ninth verse recounts how Sundarar sang this song in front of Shiva at Thirumazhapadi temple, where Shiva appeared as a fire column. Sundarar says that he was praised by all the people who witnessed this miracle.

  • The tenth verse concludes the song by saying that whoever sings this song with devotion will attain Shiva's abode, where they will enjoy eternal bliss.

The History of Ponnar Meniyane

Ponnar Meniyane is one of the most popular songs among the Shaivites of Tamil Nadu. It is believed that Sundarar composed this song in the eighth century CE, when he visited Thirumazhapadi temple near Cuddalore. According to legend, Sundarar was born as a prince in a royal family, but he was sold as a slave due to a curse. He was later freed by Shiva, who appeared in his dream and revealed his true identity as a saint. Sundarar then travelled across the country, singing songs in praise of Shiva and visiting various temples.

When Sundarar reached Thirumazhapadi, he was welcomed by the king and the people, who were devotees of Shiva. Sundarar entered the temple and saw a huge fire column in the sanctum, which was the form of Shiva. He was overwhelmed by the sight and sang Ponnar Meniyane with tears in his eyes. As he sang, the fire column split into two and revealed Shiva and Parvati, who blessed Sundarar and the people. The people were astonished by this miracle and hailed Sundarar as a great saint. They also built a shrine for him in the temple, where his statue is still worshipped.

The Benefits of Ponnar Meniyane

Ponnar Meniyane is not just a song, but a powerful mantra that can bestow many benefits to the devotees who chant it with faith and devotion. Some of the benefits are:

  • It can remove the obstacles and difficulties in one's life and grant success and prosperity.

  • It can cure the diseases and ailments of the body and mind and promote health and well-being.

  • It can enhance the love and harmony in one's family and relationships and resolve conflicts and disputes.

  • It can increase the wisdom and knowledge of the devotees and help them attain their goals and aspirations.

  • It can purify the mind and soul of the devotees and free them from sins and karmas.

  • It can awaken the devotion and bhakti of the devotees and connect them with Shiva's grace and energy.

  • It can lead the devotees to the ultimate liberation or moksha, where they will merge with Shiva and enjoy eternal bliss.

To experience these benefits, one should chant Ponnar Meniyane daily with sincerity and reverence. One can also listen to the song or read its meaning to understand its essence and beauty. Ponnar Meniyane is a song that can transform one's life and bring one closer to Shiva.

If you want to download the Ponnar Meniyane Lyrics in Tamil PDF 13 file, you can click on this link. You can also listen to this song on SoundCloud or .


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