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Every day, RAID: Shadow Legends gives us only 40 free (multi-battle) auto-farm turns (it was 15 before). After using these 40 free auto battle turns, players will have to farm manually and most of us do not have enough time to play the game like that. This ends up with many Energy getting wasted at the end of the day if you are not able to spend them all.

NEW | Oaklands Script Hack | Auto Farm | Tele...

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Personally, I prefer playing the game via Bluestacks because the Bluestacks version is basically lighter than the actual PC version of the game, and also it gives you the ability to auto farm the battles

When configuring an automatic script, the new password attribute can be set. It will replace the password in the script when the script uses the %%PASSWD%% tag. When the configuration is downloaded or viewed in the CLI, the password is encrypted. 041b061a72


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