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HeroineAdventures The Game [v0.3.1]

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HeroineAdventures The Game [v0.3.1]

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Ero-Gen - interactive adult game about the adventures of sorceresses.There are three storylines in the game.Each story is about a pair of sorceresses who, one way or another, became involved in criminal life of their town.

The girls are trying to overcome the troubles that suddenly arose in their lives, but this turns out to be really difficult.Now none of them can quit this game without spreading her legs for the robbers.After some time, the sorceresses will get to know each other and unite to achieve goals they did not even suspect when they got involved into this story.

You can experience several types of gameplay (unique for each pair of sorceresses and the Manor).The storyline of all the sorceresses and their opponents is shown with many animated cut-scenes.Be careful. The game includes a lot of adult content.

Keep in mind that the sorceresses were not prepared for what happened to them, so in almost any confrontation they will certainly lose.It is assumed that the player will play all the parts of the game several times before winning.

I tryed the other available character and I'm tired of fighting dozens of unwinnable fights with the very same opponent. If it's the point of this character to lose, don't make it a game, make it a visual novel.

If ur a vanilla player or like playing wholesome games this ain't it chief. this game is about BDSM and I like that but it's not intimate BDSM or it has no feelings towards it. The animations are AMAZING but they get stale and boring when you see them reused for the 50th time. Fighting the slave owner is damn near impossible my lowest hp i got is 300.

Hello, is this game getting updated? It doesn't look very different from what it was 2 months ago, if it is not identical. Well I like this game as it is, however it is a little too short. And no, I'm not pissed off about the pay-for-save stuff since, as I said before, there isn't much of a point in saving. But, yeah, I do want to know if this is getting updatedBy the way, I took a bit of time to check your patreon. It looks as though you've posted some things at the beginning of July, though it is not clear if there was an actual update for the game. I could fake pledge to see what you posted there, but that's a dick move.

Honestly the minigame is the worst part. It makes no sense in the context of the rest of the game, the hit boxes for the barriers don't match the graphic used, and there are times it's just straight impossible to make with the mechanic.

As for similar flying birds ... As I understand it, the problem is that the passage of this mini-game is not always possible. It's not a mistake. I wanted to make this element damn complex, sometimes even impossible for the player.

It seems to me that the "adult game" should reveal the erotic imagination of the developer. The main tags that can characterize the game: female heroine, male dominance, slave. In any case, it will be impossible to lose. Not everyone will like it, and that's fine. Everyone has their own interests.

I will say a few words about the enemy. In fact, the idea that I tried to translate into a game is a constant change in game mechanics. This is not particularly felt, because the game is still very raw, but in the future it will take shape. At the second stage of the game there will be several males who will be served. If people want, the game will continue after the completion of the first and second stages. 041b061a72


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